"Culture eats strategy for breakfast!"
Peter Drucker


WE help organisations activate, integrate and maximize a strengths-based culture to increase their employee engagement, well-being and overall success!
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Listen here to an introduction to the strengths alignment approach. 



Martin Johannsen
Business Development Manager

Without a doubt I believe that the exceptional financial results the business has delivered this last fiscal year has been in part contributed to by a greater awareness we collectively have gained through the @FullStrength Journey about where we as individuals and as a business are strong, and where we can improve and who will be best equipped to drive that improvement. 

Rory Brimecombe Ph.D

Divisional Manager

Knowing your strengths and enhancing them unlocks a fascinating way of looking at your life, and how you react and deal with challenges, failures as well as successes differently, I was now asking how could we work together, harnessing the combined power of our strengths.

Daisy Madlala

Sales Professional

Throughout the process I found that I was learning to remove self-imposed limitations. I am able to understand myself and others better which has really helped me create deeper connections with others and recognize and celebrate the strengths set that those around me have.