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Rely on each other’s strengths

What is a Strengths-Based Team?

A strengths-based team has a clear and compelling performance challenge in the same way a regular team does. However, talents and strengths play an important part throughout the life of the team and in the achievement of this performance challenge.

Talent is the key selection of members for the team. A strong team is made up of individuals with complementary talents, skills and knowledge

The talent of the team members becomes the basis for assigning specific roles and responsibilities within the team. Giving people roles and tasks that leverage their individual talents, increases the likelihood of the success of the team and the team’s ability to achieve the performance challenge.

Why move to a Strengths-approach?

It is important for team members to know each other’s predominant talents and lesser talents in order to:

  1. a) Compensate for a lesser talent.

  2. b) “take over” where one person leaves off

  3. c) Enhance what one person already possesses.

Great teams require a level of understanding about the power of complimentary partnerships, an understanding of the unique talents of the people around you and an appreciation for the talents of others.

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