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What makes you strong?

We definitely live in a weakness fixing society today and it’s sad but true that most of us have never experienced being celebrated intentionally by someone telling us what exactly is ‘right ‘about us. Have you ever wanted to give your employees the gift of knowing just how unique and special they are but couldn’t find the words to describe what makes them so special?

“If you know it, you can grow it!”

By introducing your team to the Gallup Strengths-finder assessment they will discover their top five talents which are their natural, core talents, when understood, celebrated and integrated will become strengths they can draw upon at any time and in any situation. Their top five talents, when well managed and applied will give them the ability to provide consistent, near perfect performance in a specific activity with energy and sustainability. Research has also shown that individuals gain more when they build on their talents, than when they make comparable efforts to improve their areas of weakness.

“If you understand it, you can command it!”

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if every person in your team could discover their core natural strengths and use it to their advantage and function optimally in the business place and handle their day to day work with more ease and confidence? To date, evidence of various types suggests that a strengths-based focus on development relates to gains in the form of outcomes such as employee engagement, attendance, productivity and hope.

“If you know when you need it, you can feed it!”

By your team understanding their natural talents, more often than not, they can get a clear perspective about their deepest and most substantial motivations. Simply put, their talents are their motivations; they are usually inseparable. This process of discovery helps them grasp what motivates them and what they need from their experiences and what they have to offer.

What many people experience by doing their online assessments are negativity and a lack of understanding of how their Top 5 Talents could be seen as strengths. A Strengths-coach is trained to bring awareness of how these talents are strengths, to celebrate it with you and your employees and to identify how and where these talents can be used in everyday life.

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